Artists: Mai Al Moataz

Mai Al Moataz

Mai Al Moataz is an artist who uses film cameras, develops in darkrooms, and collects dead roses. She lives and works in Bahrain as an artist, archivist, project director and space designer.

Obsessed with producing portraits using black and white film, she creates her photographs through a meticulous traditional analog process, which can be seen as a deeply personal cathartic ritual.

Her images are romantically solitary and ethereal, as they present emblems of nostalgia and femininity. With hints of isolation and speckles of imagination, she explores the subjects of her portraits as a paradox of the internal versus the external, and where they meet, using time and space to deconstruct the fictional from the experiential universe. By merging seemingly incompatible worlds into one, presenting a facade in itself, the possibility of the annulment of a fixed identity is a dream.