aboutnat2017Inspired by expanding the boundaries by what constitutes art, to make it accessible in fun and interesting ways

A lifetime in the arts

Yalla Habibi is the outlet for my great passions: culture, art, design and fashion.

My passion for art, especially for the work of contemporary North African and Middle Eastern artists, dates back to my childhood in North Africa, where art and culture are intertwined.

I have also had a lifelong obsession with style and design. I have a vivid memory of waiting impatiently for my turn with the French Vogue my mother received at our often-changing addresses in North Africa. I would pour over it passionately and – when finally allowed - cut it up, saving the beautiful fashion and designs that so excited me.

Now, I seek ways to support and promote local artists and culture by combining these elements with style and fashion, and it no longer surprises me that I left my early career in linguistics and communications for this.

I have come to realize that I am, unintentionally, following in the footsteps of my father, a diplomat and keen patron of the arts in both Morocco and Tunisia.

I now share my time between my art studio, my family and enjoying Bahrain’s cultural life, which never ceases to delight me with its diversity and sincerity.