Yalla Habibi

Traditional Weaver in BahrainYallaHabibi creates art that compels with its originality, functionality, and the stories it tells.

Seeking to learn about the rich and diverse Bahraini art scene that I’ve been immersing myself in since 2009, I met locally based artists and couldn’t help but think about ways to promote them and their cultural art.

My encounter with Mohamed Sharkawy,and the joy and pure intention of the life he portrays inhis colorful, distinctlycultural art, turned into a decisive first collaboration.

I began to use Bahraini traditional fabric as a frame for the art that I transposed into embroidery, using linen as my canvas.This is how I came to createcushions – an object I love – that are at once functional pieces and art.

Thus began the concept of YallaHabibi, a brand combining art, culture, fashion, style, and function.

Traditional Cloth from in Bahrain